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We are multidimensional app with real experts helping you in fitness, nutrition and mental health. All on one platform


Our app has already onboarded qualified and insured wellbeing professionals from all over the UK who hosting live classes and sessions on our app to help our members tackle and regain control of their wellbeing

We combine tech with real professionals rather than replacing them with algorithmic programmes, thereby increasing their clientele as well acting as a marketplace for members who can then match with the right professional for them and receive a more tailored programme, all live on our app


Choose Your Path

We only want high quality experts and best businesses so email us to get your unique referral code today

Choose Your Path

A few of your Professionals

Pamela Aculey (1).jpg

'I love the accessibility and flexibility

of the app, I can teach classes from

the comfort of my own home without

the headache and Makemefitclub can

take care of the admin'

Tony d jped.jpg

'Working alongside other professionals to help our members change their lifestyle

and not just their mental healthy is

refreshing, finally real change'


'Being a freelance nutritionist I'm often spending loads of money on social media ads. The classes option to reach new clients is just what I needed and the free subscription has helped so much too'

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Our professionals

Our Journey


After months of designing and creating the app, we tested the MVP with the local Birmingham community, they loved it.

Launch Day

The first member came on board the same day, it was really exciting, but it was the first step to creating our community.

Second Launch

Wellbeing isn't one dimensional so why treat it as so, enter the multidimensional Makemefitclub.

Pilot Testing

We launched on the 1st August 2022, with our eyes firmly set on helping our members change their lifestyles.


To create an all live app means we need to build our community so on the 1st Feb 2023, we are opening up the app for more professionals and members to get involved, so don't miss out!

Our journey
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